Why Webinars Are the Best Way to Acquire A Customer

Webinars are an incredible tool for the growth of a company when used correctly. Brice is on to explain how that is possible. 

Today we focus on how to correctly use a webinar and how to accommodate that to your customers’ needs to maximize success.

We also cover how important it is to pay attention to how long your webinar is as well as other factors that play into how it affects your audience.

What will you learn in this episode? 

  1. How to use webinars to scale businesses with paid ads
  2. The differences between live and prerecorded
  3. How to use a webinar correctly
  4. Why it’s better to get better at what you’re doing rather than making more things

The software we recommend for hosting webinars (Easywebinar.com) in this episode can be found here.

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