Selling with Your Story

“Here’s my product, please buy it” doesn’t work, yet so many people still try to run their ads that way.

Telling stories can get people engaged with your content and form a place of emotion. So today, we’re talking about selling with stories.

Your business already has a story, whether you know it or not.

Telling it well is just a matter of going back and seeing which parts resonate the most with people.

Russell Brunson sums it up into three words, “Hook, story, offer.” Get their attention so they aren’t still scrolling. Tell a story they can relate to. Make an offer. This episode goes into case studies, examples, and ways to implement this into any business.

Some topics we cover include:

  1. Playing to the identity of the people you are serving
  2. Selling a lifestyle vs selling a product
  3. A simple framework for selling by using stories
  4. How the internet and the nature of marketing has changed advertising
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Episode 39