Inside Blue Dog Media with Jarod Spiewak

Jarod Spiewak is a talented SEO agency owner with a mountain of insight on how he runs and hires for his agency. This episode is great for anyone interested in understanding the mind of an agency owner.

His interest in writing led him to discover Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All of his clients were looking for SEO prioritized content and eventually he was tasked with writing an article on how to do SEO.

That led to a revelation that he could take on clients of his own and that is when he decided to build Blue Dog Media.

In this interview, Jarod goes deep on his hiring process with us – what does he look for, how does he filter for good prospects, where is he looking, etc. He also takes us through the hilarious yet tragic story of investing in an expensive downtown office when it wasn’t necessary.

Some of our big takeaways of this episode are:

  1. Thinking about how a client may or may not fit in with your process can be more useful than being super-niche.
  2. You don’t need that many clients to make good money. Find out how much money you want to make and realize you may not need a ton of clients to achieve it.
  3. When hiring, consider asking about the content a person takes in on their own time. It’s very useful to have someone who loves to learn.
  4. Years of experience doesn’t necessarily indicate a person’s mindset which can be their most valuable quality.

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