How To Run A Rapidly Growing Start Up With Matt Gillis

Running a rapidly growing startup is hard. That’s why we have Matt Gillis on – he explains two of the most rewarding (and valuable) components of building a successful business.

We talk about what the day to day is like for someone like him, who’s integrated teams of over 200+ globally, grown, and sold businesses. Having the right people around you is so critical!

If you can nail just a couple of the key aspects of Matt’s philosophy, you’ll find that the rest works itself out. You’ll find a way to be successful if you’ve got the right team. 

We also cover the role of mentors, comfort zones, sleep, dealing with the inevitable hardships of building a business, and growing constantly from that bumpy ride.

What will you learn? 

  1. The BEST way to get experience as an entrepreneur
  2. How to evaluate all the opportunities that come to you as an entrepreneur so you know the best ones to go after
  3. Where to put your attention day-to-day as the CEO of a rapidly growing startup
  4. How to get A-players to WANT to work for your company.

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