Do The Work Yourself or Hire It Out? Which One Is Right For YOU?

Should you spend your time working on the execution of tasks in your company, or hire someone to do it for you?

Answering this is difficult!

As with everything, it depends on a few things that we discuss in this episode.

We use basic framework to get 90% of the answer to this question and then use the overall feeling to finalize that answer.

A few things we consider in this episode to determine if you should do the work or hire it out in this episode are:

  1. What is the cost of hiring it out?
  2. Does it cost more or less what you can earn in an hour?
  3. Do you need to understand the work involved in doing it yourself?
  4. Can you easily explain to someone else how to do it?
  5. Is there something else that you can outsource for cheaper?

With this framework you will be able to make your time more efficient and more valuable so you can focus on the real work that levels up your business.

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Episode 21