Business is A Numbers Game

The numbers that make your business move may well be the most important thing to understand in your business today. 

This doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating but is something business owners must understand.

When Brice & Mike started their businesses, neither of them was fond of numbers, or even particularly good with them. 

If spreadsheets intimidate you you can always use some other means to get the kind of information you need. Brice uses Google Sheets, which he updates manually but Mike uses Quickbooks which can make up all kinds of reports. 

Whatever the best case for you, it’s something you need to keep a great understanding of.

Some of the clients that both Brice & Mike have worked with launched massive campaigns when halfway through, they realized that there was no money left to pay off their credit card. 

Guess why? 

They weren’t keeping track of their numbers. 

When going into a business and looking for ways to improve it, you can start with finances and see where everything is going and where to make changes. This can be true of personal finance, of your business, of media buying, and of so many other aspects of online business.

Some topics we cover include: 

  • Automated tracking vs manually copy and pasting numbers from your bank
  • Simple steps to build confidence with tracking and knowing your finances
  • The process we use to track income, expenses, and cash in the bank
  • Great books on tracking your numbers to set yourself up for success

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