Small Businesses vs. Amazon… An Ecommerce Owner’s Guide (#76)

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Small Businesses vs. Amazon... An Ecommerce Owner's Guide (#76)

There’s a lot of benefits for small businesses when it comes to working with Amazon, but there’s also a lot of long term costs that a lot of people don’t figure out.”  Mike Sebastian

In today’s episode, Mike talks about small businesses selling through products through Amazon. 

Amazon is an amazing platform that can help a small business really take off. However, there are some huge red flags and some very unfortunate situations that this platform can get you into as well.

Mike chats about these and how to mitigate these terrifying situations. 

Some of the big takeaways of this episode are here: 

  1. Many business owners often don’t consider that through a big online platform, you only get the sale, not the customer.
  2. Amazon commonly creates a white labeled version of other products, putting their product on page one and pushing other businesses several pages down.
  3. Figure out how to use large platforms to gain customers, not just sales. Include something that brings people back to your store instead of Amazon.

Be sure to check out the show notes below to follow along with this insightful episode.


  • Why Amazon is a helpful external sales outlet, but how they can also crush your business in a matter of days or weeks   (1:20)
  • How to gain customers and not just sales   (7:33)
  • Leveraging Amazon to grow your business, but then try and run on your own   (12:39)



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