Learn How to Make A Funny Sales Video Go Viral with Joseph Wilkins (#75)

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Learn How to Make A Funny Sales Video Go Viral with Joseph Wilkins (#75)

I look at every sales video as ‘hook, educate, hook, educate, hook, educate.’ Lead them through a story and the more you can tell them, the more you’ll sell them.”  Joseph Wilkins

In today’s episode, we talk with Joseph Wilkins, the Founder of Funny Sales Videos. Joseph describes his journey into running a successful business as well as the production steps he takes to create funny videos that go viral. 

Some of the big takeaways of this episode are:

  1. Joseph explains that humor in advertising resonates so well because they are run on entertainment-based platforms like Facebook.
  2. The first step for creating a funny video is to figure out who your customer is, why they are buying or not buying your product, and the deeper reason they want to buy your product. 
  3. Never try to create a video blindly.
  4. Having a good editor is a critical part of creating a successful video.

Be sure to check out the show notes to follow along with the fascinating and jam packed episode!


  • Joseph’s start in the video world   (2:04)
  • Why humor is so effective in advertising   (7:12)
  • Which industries benefit the most from advertising that include humor   (8:39)
  • Joseph’s process for creating a sales video that resonates   (11:31)
  • Why editing is one of the most critical elements of a successful sales video   (25:42)
  • What the team at Funny Sales Video looks like   (36:19)




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