Tips To Design Ads for Online Courses (#73)

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Tips To Design Ads for Online Courses (#73)

If you’re trying to grow your online business, one of the biggest levers you can pull to see success is how you design ads.”  Brice Gump

Mike and Brice are back at it today with the mini series on info products.

Brice shares some great insights on how to design ads for online courses and other info products. Some of the biggest takeaways from this episode include:

  1. How to leverage hooks and angles when you’re creating ads
  2. Why knowing your customer avatar is so important
  3. How to create clear calls to action and why they are crucial for success

So many helpful tips and tricks in this episode. Be sure to tune in and follow along with the show notes below.


  • Why advertising is so crucial and important for the success of online courses   (2:08)
  • How hooks, angles and emotion are the central building blocks for good ads   (4:30)
  • Why knowing your target audience or avatar is so important when you design ads   (6:59)
  • Being aware of where your target audience is in the sales cycle when you design ads   (9:56)
  • How to focus on the messaging and not the medium through which it is shared   (11:23)
  • The challenge of making claims with your ads and how to be strategic with this   (15:43)
  • The importance of being short, concise and punchy with your copy   (18:07)
  • Creating a super clear call to action that doesn’t leave people hanging   (21:08)
  • Leveraging other copy from landing pages to create consistency in your ads   (23:12)
  • The importance of building (or hiring for) good copywriting skills   (29:11)



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