The #1 Ad Strategy For Selling Online Courses (#72)

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The #1 Ad Strategy For Selling Online Courses (#72)

You can really hustle for your first ten customers through organic marketing but eventually you’re going to want to scale. I think a paid ad strategy for online courses is the best way to do that.”  Brice Gump

Mike and Brice continue their series on how the info product world works. This is Brice’s bread and butter and has tons of valuable nuggets to share.

In this episode, Brice reinforces how important it is to have a solid offer. There’s no point investing money in advertising if you don’t have a solid offer to give to people.

Once this is developed though, determining a solid ad strategy is super important. Brice unpacks why paid ads are so effective yet and how to build out a successful funnel.

Some of the big takeaways from this episode include:

  1. Low ticket funnels are a way to bring people in the door, but they don’t bring very much money in.
  2. Brice explains why just a single ad is not as effective and why you need multiple ad campaigns.
  3. Figuring out a customer’s roadblocks to a sale can be one of the biggest tools to use in developing effective ads.

All of this and more in this episode. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Why developing your offer before you move into online advertising is so important   (1:12)
  • Why paid ads are still the #1 online ad strategy   (4:07)
  • Why multiple ads are needed in order to be effective and successful   (9:28)
  • How to measure effectiveness with ads related to different types of sales funnels   (12:14)
  • How to work effectively with customers to determine a solid ad strategy   (21:50)



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Episode 72