Eliminating One-Time Purchasers by Creating Raving Fans – Mike’s Magical Ecomm Marketing Mini-Series (#69)

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Eliminating One-Time Purchasers by Creating Raving Fans - Mike's Magical Ecomm Marketing Mini-Series (#69)

The most expensive customer that you get is a new customer. The ones that come back and purchase again are the cheapest and best customers that you have. However, most of those customers don’t get a lot of focus given to them.”   Mike Sebastian

In today’s episode of Mike’s Magical Ecomm Marketing Mastery Mini-Series, Mike explains the importance of turning one-time customers into raving fans.

Recurring customers are your best customers for so many reasons and Mike dives into how to achieve this in your business. Quite often, they are cheaper customers to work with as they don’t require as much marketing to get them on board with your brand and products.

In this episode, Mike talks about moving away from the temptation of simply creating a larger product line. A diverse product line is important for sure, but there are often better ways to change one-time customers into raving fans.

Mike also talks about the power of storytelling. People relate to stories and leveraging this marketing approach can be so powerful for going beyond one-time purchasers.

Tune into this episode for these nuggets of information and so much more. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • The error that businesses make in not developing recurring customers   (2:45)
  • Why streamlining your product line is so important for developing recurring customers   (5:38)
  • How you can leverage story-based marketing in the ecommerce world   (9:15)
  • Where to start with merging story-telling with ecommerce products and brand  (15:42)



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