Ecommerce Store Platforms: Why to Choose One Over Another – Mike’s Ecomm Mastery Mini-Series (#67)

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Ecommerce Store Platforms: Why to Choose One Over Another - Mike's Ecomm Mastery Mini-Series (#67)

Having an ecommerce store on the internet with inventory on it is not how you grow a business. That part is the first 10% of what it’s going to take to actually get some momentum.”  Brice Gump

Mike has extensive experience when it comes to the ecommerce world. This week, Mike and Brice jump into a mini-series where Mike gets to showcase his knowledge!

In this first part of the series, Mike talks about the basics of ecommerce and how to choose the best ecommerce store. He highlights the various platforms out there and how choosing a single platform is so advantageous for your business.

Mike discusses the tension of spending money on ecommerce platforms and how it feels like a big investment at first. Mike also highlights how spending money on an ecommerce store will save you so many headaches in the long run.

Lots of good nuggets of wisdom in this episode! Be sure to check out the show notes to follow along.


  • Mike’s success in the ecommerce world   (2:41)
  • Where to start when you’re getting started in the ecommerce world   (4:56)
  • Platform options and why Shopify is dominating the ecomm space   (8:31)
  • How specializing in a single platform like Shopify is advantageous for your business    (11:59)
  • The tension of spending money on ecommerce platforms but why it is so helpful   (15:10)
  • How ecommerce is about so much more than just choosing a store platform   (16:47)



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