Falling in Love With The Problem You’re Solving – Jonathan Hensley (#66)

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Falling in Love With The Problem You're Solving - Jonathan Hensley (#66)

I think entrepreneurs need to be in love with the problem they’re solving rather than the solution they’re creating.”  Jonathan Hensley

Problem solving and creating solutions is the same thing right? Not necessarily. 

Problem solving skills can last a lifetime, but solutions will likely only work for a limited amount of time.

Jonathan Hensley hops on the podcast today to chat about falling in love with problem solving. He chats with Mike and Brice about his work in the digital products and services industry.

Jonathan talks about connecting with people’s emotions and creating an effective product strategy that stems from that. He also talks about organizational alignment and how to develop such a valuable trait within a company.

So many nuggets of wisdom in this episode with Jonathan! Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Intro to Jonathan, his company and how he got into online business   (0:54)
  • Why it’s important to start with strategy when growing a digital product / services business today   (6:12)
  • How to connect with the emotion in people that drives them to engage   (8:14)
  • How to create an effective product strategy as a consultant   (9:34)
  • Jonathan’s definition of organizational alignment and how to preserve it   (14:59)
  • Specific tips for how to develop organizational alignment   (19:54)
  • Pitfalls to avoid when launching digital products and services   (22:23)
  • What the future of digital products and services could look like   (26:21)




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