iOS14 Changes: The Importance of Platform Diversity in Advertising (#65)

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iOS14 Changes: The Importance of Platform Diversity in Advertising (#65)

Big things are happening in the digital advertising industry these days! Platform diversity has never been more important especially with the launch of Apple’s iOS14 launch back in September of 2020. 

With that launch, there are some significant changes coming to how privacy concerns will be handled going forward. 

This update is a relief to many who have been annoyed with how devices track browser search history and those who question whether Siri is listening to every conversation you have.

However, this update also represents some fundamental changes to how the ad platforms of Facebook and Google will operate. 

iOS14 will give users the ability to opt out of Facebook tracking their every move online. With this limitation on Facebook’s end, Facebook will likely drive up the cost of advertising on their platform. 

This means that the ease and convenience of advertising on Facebook will now come at a higher cost. This will affect small businesses in a huge way especially if they rely solely on Facebook for advertising.

In this episode, Brice and Mike discuss these changes as well as the importance of platform diversity. Be sure to tune in for a heads up on how this could affect your online business.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Notable changes that are coming to the digital advertising industry   (1:00)
  • How Apple is addressing user privacy concerns and how this affects marketing   (4:21)
  • How Facebook ad platforms will adjust and what it means for small businesses   (6:20)
  • The importance of advertising platform diversity and how to achieve it   (8:27)
  • How to diversify your advertising platform   (12:23)



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