Building The SAAS That Salesforce Couldn’t with Jeroen Corthout (#63)

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Building The SAAS That Salesforce Couldn't with Jeroen Corthout (#63)

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Mike and Brice chat with Jeroen Corthout. Jeroen is the co-founder of Salesflare – a small business customer relationship management solution. 

In this conversation, Jeroen walks through the origins of the software he created and how he was able to turn it into a business. He notes some of the big pain points that he noticed in the CRM industry that sparked ideas for his own company.

Jeroen talks about the fascinating integration of A.I. and automation in the CRM world. He’s predicting some big changes and exciting things to look forward to in the future.

On the practical level, Jeroen offers some simple reminders about necessary practices that really set you up for success in business. Namely sleep! And the importance of planning ahead for the day instead of letting the day control you.

These types of frameworks are the structure that so often determine our success and it’s helpful to be reminded of the simple things every now and then.

Be sure to tune into this episode for these great insights. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Jeroen’s start in the customer relations management software business   (0:56)
  • How Salesflare developed an integrated and automated sales communication process   (4:21)
  • The journey of deciding to build your own software vs trying to make a different product work for you   (6:25)
  • The challenge of finding funding when you’re developing your own software   (9:34)
  • What day-to-day business looks like now compared to the early days of the company   (11:34)
  • How limiting yourself to just ads when it comes to marketing is no longer a solution in the software industry   (12:25)
  • Exciting trends in the automated CRM software industry heading into 2021   (13:28)
  • How team dynamics change as a company grows beyond the startup phase   (16:46)
  • Actionable tips for how small businesses can improve their sales process   (18:33)




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