What to Expect In Your Online Business in 2021 (#61)

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What to Expect In Your Online Business in 2021 (#61)

I have never found anything as valuable as staying connected with real human beings who are actively figuring out how to move forward and who are doing it well.”  Brice Gump

It’s a new year and the world of online business in 2021 could see some massive transitions! 

Brice and Mike discuss some of their predictions for the new year as well as the changes they may bring to their own respective online business worlds.

With that, big tech companies like Apple and Google are making some big changes to data, privacy and security. Brice and Mike chat about the implications of those factors for online business.

Finally, as the online business world changes in 2021, so does the need to reassess marketing strategies. Staying up to date with your customer avatars and marketing triggers has never been more important.

Bonus discussion point: STARLINK! Brace yourself. High speed internet across the globe is in our future!

Be sure to tune into this episode to keep yourself informed as you head into a new business year. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Impressions and predictions around data usage and privacy   (2:20)
  • How online business will be more difficult to enter into going forward   (6:49)
  • Online advertising changes to anticipate   (9:26)
  • Re-evaluating psychological marketing triggers and customer avatars   (10:35)
  • How staying connected to real people will remain important   (17:30)
  • What Starlink is and whether it will provide the internet for the entire world   (18:47)



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