Future of the Freelancer (#59)

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Future of the Freelancer (#59)

More and more people are going to be leaving their big companies to work in this freelance economy which creates a ton of opportunity for a lot of people.” Brice Gump

At the end of the year here, we’re talking about what has changed for online business and what might be coming around in the new year. 

It would appear to be what everyone expected, only accelerated. Namely, an explosion of opportunity in freelance work.

Freelance isn’t just the opportunity for employment. It’s also the opportunity for having something to sell thanks to the internet.

And you can bet on freelance work expanding as we grow more online and become more interconnected. 

So – what’s necessary to make a living freelancing? Why is it so great that even big corporations are taking advantage of a freelance model?

Keeping an eye out for opportunities. They are everywhere! A single innovation or event can create entirely new industries at the drop of a hat. 

And businesses are learning that they need to be flexible too in order to survive.

Learn more in this episode and see if the freelance world is something for you!

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  • The evolution of the workplace / marketplace   (1:08)
  • The shift from large corporations to small businesses   (2:09)
  • Partnering with other freelancers and leveraging multi-directional business   (6:06)
  • Moving from set office hours to flexible schedules and remote locations   (8:35)
  • How the global pandemic has accelerated the freelancing world   (11:23)
  • Will big corporations survive or will they be forced to shift to freelancing?   (12:18)
  • How technological changes force companies to adapt their products and services   (14:15)



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