Business Ethics: Don’t Destroy The World For A Dollar (#58)

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Business Ethics: Don't Destroy The World For A Dollar (#58)

Am I trying to make as much profit as possible so that I can take home as much as possible OR… can I think about business ethics and have some goals that I can set around the value I can provide to the world and the people that work for me?” Brice Gump

How can you build an ethical company right from the start and let an examined philosophy affect everything you do? Today Mike and Brice talk about how you can run a business for something more than just profit.

Obviously, if you aren’t making money, you don’t have a business. But how you can really provide value to the world, beginning with your employees, is what’s going to matter in the end.

Business ethics includes making some challenging decisions. How do you know when to make a more expensive decision for the sake of the world? What kinds of decisions can you make on behalf of your employees that they may never be aware of, but will benefit them greatly? Destroying the world for a dollar isn’t always worth it.

All of this and more is talked about in this episode.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • The importance of ethics and values in business   (0:58)
  • Making decisions for your employees that they may never be aware of, but will benefit from in a huge way   (4:14)
  • When to make the more expensive decisions   (5:31) 
  • Models and systems for accountability related to business ethics   (8:33)
  • Everyone wins when your can look beyond the health of your bottom line   (10:37)
  • Advice for business owners looking to develop healthy business ethics   (13:14)



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