All About Content Marketing + Strategist with Veronica Sagastume

Every businessperson knows the importance of content marketing strategies. Without them, your business will not be able to be as effective as it could be. 

Veronica Sagastume has been doing this for a long time so today we are lucky enough to take a slice of knowledge from her.

From CFO to Content Marketing Strategist Veronica talks about her home life along with her beginnings and how she got to where she’s at today.

What will you learn in this episode? 

  1. The process of trial and error in marketing.
  2. The importance of meeting online vs in person.
  3. How to organize in a way that makes you productive
  4. How to relay to people to see you as a problem solver to the problem they have.

The Book mentioned in this episode is called “Atomic Habits” and “Blue Ocean Shift“.

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