Content Marketing Strategies with Veronica Sagastume (#56)

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Content Marketing Strategies with Veronica Sagastume (#56)

Content is your message, your solution, your system. The blog post, audio, the video, etc is simply the portal through which your content is shared. Sometimes we get these things mixed up.”  Veronica Sagastume

Every business person knows the importance of content marketing strategies. Without them, your business will never be as effective as it could be. 

Veronica Sagastume has been doing content marketing for a long time. Today Mike chats with her about the fascinating journey she has taken and all the knowledge she’s acquired.

From CFO to content marketing strategist, Veronica talks about her work experience and what brought her to the position she’s in today. Mike and Veronica discuss what content marketing actually is, the power of storytelling and strategies for sharing content.

Lots to learn about in this episode! Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Veronica’s journey from CFO to content marketing strategist   (1:03)
  • Knowing when and how to make the decision to transition in the workplace   (7:25)
  • Taking on the challenges of new environments, platforms and technologies   (12:13)
  • What is strategic content marketing?   (16:23)
  • Storytelling as the key component to content marketing   (17:49)
  • Strategies for sharing your content   (21:15)
  • The importance of consistency in content marketing   (23:10)
  • Recommendations for content marketing in the online business world   (25:35)
  • The importance of connecting directly with people online   (27:57)
  • Overcoming the barrier of fear in the content marketing world   (29:21)




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Episode 56