Navigating the Curvy Line of Career Transitions with Tim Fitzpatrick (#54)

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Navigating the Curvy Line of Career Transitions with Tim Fitzpatrick (#54)

Marketing is not an immediate thing. You have to view it as an investment. If you view it as an expense, you can cut it at any time and that’s NOT how marketing works. You have to invest.”  Tim Fitzpatrick 

Navigating career transitions and the curvy line that they are is not an easy task. Change is always difficult. This week, Tim Fitzpatrick hops on the podcast to talk about this and to offer some insights on navigation change.

Tim offers some great insights on setting yourself up for the career you want to keep. It’s tempting to be short-sighted and settle for instant gratification, but Tim suggests playing the long game.

This conversation also covers so great nuggets on the marketing world where Tim lives. Tim reminds us of the fundamentals of marketing and not getting too overwhelmed with technology. 

Finally, Tim reminds us about the relational component to running a business and always keeping your customers best interest in mind.

All of this and more in today’s episode! Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Tim’s start in the entrepreneurial journey   (2:17)
  • The mindset needed for navigating career transitions   (7:04)
  • Staying grounded in the fundamentals of marketing amidst change   (11:08)
  • Pay attention to messaging before getting super fancy with technology   (12:30)
  • Strategies for setting up marketing agencies   (15:03)
  • Marketing is a long term game. Prepare to invest in it (19:00)
  • Forming relationships with customers and offering services they actually need   (23:15)
  • Maintaining flexibility with your business and allowing yourself to adapt   (27:56)
  • Determining the most important thing to be working on at any given time   (30:46)




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