Crafting the Life You Love with Relational Marketing & Annelise Worn (#53)

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Crafting the Life You Love with Relational Marketing & Annelise Worn (#53)

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Mike sits down with Annelise Worn. Together, they discuss the concept of relational marketing in business.

Relational marketing might sound like common sense. Unfortunately, it’s not always as common in the marketing world as one might hope. Too often, it’s all about the numbers and growth and not actually about connecting with your customers.

In this conversation, Mike and Annelise unpack the importance of digital marketing and finding a better approach for gaining clients. They also talk about how losing clients isn’t necessarily the worth thing either.

Most importantly, Annelise shares how relational marketing in business has allowed her to craft a life that she loves. One that is rewarding and valuable on a personal level.

Check out the show notes below and follow along with this conversation.


  • Annelise’s work and how she got started in business   (1:39)
  • Working in a particular niche and the benefits of running your own business   (5:49)
  • How does relational marketing work?   (8:50)
  • The power of personal interaction and how it can grow your business   (11:48)
  • Helping people realize they don’t necessarily need to spend money on ads   (20:58)




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