How To Run A Rapidly Growing Start Up With Matt Gillis (#52)

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How To Run A Rapidly Growing Start Up With Matt Gillis (#52)

Running a startup business is unique and often has some semblance of struggle in the journey. With that, startups give you that high that you don’t get working at an average job and it can be addictive!”  Matt Gillis

Running a rapidly growing startup business is incredibly difficult. That’s why Matt Gillis stops by on the podcast today. Matt is incredibly successful having grown and sold businesses and led teams of over 200 people. 

Brice and Matt connect to chat about the day-to-day responsibilities of being a CEO and running a fast-paced startup company. 

Matt explains the value of having A-Players on your team. Having the right people around you is so critical and the rewards for letting them do what they do best are exponential.

This episode also covers the role of mentors, stepping out of your comfort zone, the power of sleep, dealing with the inevitable hardships of building a business and how to constantly be growing from the bumpy ride that it can be.

Check out the show notes below to follow along with this insightful conversation.


  • Matt’s start in the entrepreneurial world   (2:39)
  • Planting yourself within an industry that you know well where your knowledge will work for you   (5:50)
  • Positioning yourself as a shareholder in a company vs. showing up for an average job   (8:06)
  • The infinite learning opportunities that come with working at a startup   (9:40)
  • How to evaluate startup opportunities and see potential   (12:55)
  • Where to put your day-to-day attention as the CEO of a rapidly growing startup   (16:00)
  • Hiring rockstars and let them do what they do best   (17:23)
  • The exponential value of team chemistry and how it spurs growth in your company   (20:39)
  • The power of mentors who can develop you in your entrepreneurial journey   (23:00)
  • The power of sleep and re-energizing yourself so you’re at your best   (25:26)




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