How to Set Business Goals (#51)

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How to Set Business Goals (#51)

One of the things that I’ve learned related to how to set business goals (and consequently in life) is that whenever you say YES to something, all the other options out there require an implicit ‘NO’ in order for you to maintain focus.”  Brice Gump

So often in business, the things you learn – the challenges, lessons, goals and so much more – bleed over into your personal life.

Today on the podcast, Mike and Brice chat about this and how important it is to clearly define the “north star” of your life and your work. What’s the big goal that you can focus everything around?

So often, you see businesses trying to achieve too many goals. In the end, this often causes chaos where you can’t get anything really meaningful done. And if you do, it’s not done as well as it could have been done if you had more of a singular focus.

How do you figure out where you’re heading? More importantly, how do you learn how to say NO to the things that will slow you down from getting there?

All of this and more in today’s episode. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • How important it is to find that “north star” thing you’re working toward  (1:15)
  • Dealing with the tyranny of the urgent   (2:15)
  • The trap of multitasking and how to avoid it   (3:03)
  • Pacing yourself – short bursts of energy to get specific things done quickly   (10:30)
  • Learning how to say NO to people / things   (11:48)
  • Knowing when to offload tasks / responsibilities to other people   (14:29)



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