Launching A New Brand Business, the Second Time Around

Brice is launching a brand new business!

Having done this once before, he’s sharing what’s different the second time around having the skills and experience of running a successful business now.

Hearing him talk about his strategy as he built this business was fascinating and he really goes into the details for us!

Some of the big takeaways of this episode are here: 

  1. Why service-based businesses are great for cash flow, and how to use that to build larger businesses that you can sell.
  2. How to find the right partner to start a new business
  3. What to focus on if you want to launch a new business the right way

The business will be officially launched in the next couple weeks, if you want to hear about it when it happens then you can use the link below to stay informed in the BIOP Facebook group! We’re in there answering questions so say hi!

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Episode 54