Creating a 10 Year Strong Website with Kanopi (#49)

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Creating a 10 Year Strong Website with Kanopi (#49)

We really believe in creating strong websites and making them last for 10 years (or possibly more). Throwing out your website and rebuilding every two to three years is really just a myth. It’s like a house. Every so often, little updates and tweaks can be made to keep things looking fresh and sharp.”  Anne Stefanyk

Anne Stefanyk is the CEO and founder of Kanopi Studios which she started in 2013. The company is totally remote and works at creating strong websites for clients who are looking to make a positive impact on the world.

Anne goes over the anatomy of what makes an effective website and her philosophy about making one that lasts (you need to keep working on it!).

She also walks through some of the awesome apps that her team uses to maintain a positive digital work environment and overcome Zoom fatigue.

Check out the show notes below to follow along with this great conversation.


  • Who is Anne Stefanyk and what does she do?   (0:42)
  • What makes a website “sustainable”   (1:47)
  • “Customer-first” approach to websites instead of “company-first” approach   (2:33)
  • Solving problems and achieving conversions through marketing awareness levels   (4:51)
  • Finding clarity and trust through continuous conversation with clients   (10:36)
  • Cultivating a remote work culture with the help of apps   (12:18)
  • Process for working with clients and getting them setup for success   (19:40)
  • Creating “Minimum Loveable Products” for your clients   (20:56)
  • The importance of keeping things fresh and up to date on the tech side   (25:11)




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