Keeping Clients Happy in a Service-Based Business (#48)

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Keeping Clients Happy in a Service-Based Business (#48)

Sometimes bottom line results are less important than keeping clients happy and ensuring that they feel it. We’re all going to have bad days, bad months, tough campaigns, etc, but if they know that you’re there and that you actually care, that can be more important than someone who can fix things overnight.”  Mike Sebastian

This episode is really all about communicationIf you’re not keeping in touch with your clients beyond the raw data reporting, how can they know that you really care about them?

So often, making sure your clients know you care is going to be more valuable than the detailed analysis of the spreadsheets you create.

Today, Mike and Brice talk about how to be clear, effective, honest, and proactive with clients. All of this leads to increased trust, respect and long term relationships that effectively keeps clients happy. Happy clients is obviously a huge win for your bottom line too!

In this episode, you’ll hear about how to set realistic expectations with clients, how to maintain scheduled communication and how to over deliver in both of these areas.

All of this and more in this episode. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • The importance of communication with clients if you want to keep them   (1:20)
  • How solid communication leads to long term relationships with clients   (3:47)
  • The importance of regular communication especially at the start of contracts   (8:41)
  • Setting clear expectations around what the first 30 days will look like   (10:51)
  • Give the client space to lay the groundwork for what’s important to them   (12:38)
  • How honesty and transparency up front with clients can be a game changer   (14:12)
  • Missed deadlines or mistakes are easily forgiven with timely communication   (16:58)



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