The Least Talked About Skill of Successful Entrepreneurs: Thinking Time

It’s easy to get caught up in tasks, messages, and the day to day routine of running your business. It’s important to remember to make time for actual, high-level thinking!

This is where you can really strategize about your company (and life) as a whole.

How is it running?

Where is it going?

Do I like my clients?

How should I be spending my time?

Some of the most important decisions, insights, and realizations are known to take place when you actually take a step back and go deep.

Some key notes from this episode are here: 

  1. Schedule yourself thinking time and then protect that time
  2. Thinking deeply and broadly allows you to build with intention
  3. Setting up recurring questions for yourself can aid the process
  4. Utilize your project management software for reminders and as a thinking aid

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