$100M in Revenue from Lead & Affiliate Marketing (#47)

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$100M in Revenue from Lead & Affiliate Marketing (#47)

“If you’re good at something, you focus on that thing that you’re good at. We know how to drive clicks. We know how to drive traffic and do lead generation and affiliate marketing and so that’s what we focus on.”  Eric Beer

Eric has been in digital marketing for over 17 years, starting his company, Universal Marketing Partners in 2008.

As the title suggests, Eric grew his company to over $100 million in revenue! Since then, he’s worked on his podcast and a slew of other educational resources for marketers.

Mike and Eric do a deep dive on the power of segmenting your marketing audience through the powerful use of surveys. Eric talks about the 5 specific segments he uses – Demographic, Firmographic, Geographic, Psychographic and Behavioural – and the power of selling to each segment in a unique way.

Eric and Mike could have talked for hours! Check out the show notes and follow along with this informative episode.


  • Who is Eric Beer and what does he do?   (0:45)
  • The use of segmentation surveys for lead generation and qualification   (6:46)
  • Five ways you can segment your audience for marketing purposes   (12:31)
  • How Eric grew Universal Marketing Partners to $100M in revenue   (19:25)
  • Managing your database of leads in a way that gives you power over how you do media   (29:16)


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