How To Double Service Revenue in 90 Days with Simon Severino (#45)

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How To Double Service Revenue in 90 Days with Simon Severino (#45)

I’m not going for one closed deal today. I’m going for nine NO responses! Game-ify everything you do! Find a way for the problem solving to be energizing.”  Simon Severino

Simon Severino created Strategy Sprints after 15 years of global consulting. Simon has helped people grow their businesses, and as the title says, he gives guidance on how to double service revenue in 90 days.

As a consultant, he would fly around and ask people: Who are you? What are your strengths? How do we get there? And more questions of the sort.

Then the Internet happened.

Flying all over the world quickly became time consuming and unnecessary. While this approach seemed to serve his clients well, Simon opted for a remote business where he could serve his clients online in order to run a more efficient operation. Three and a half years later, Simon is at the helm of a global team.

Simon has so much to offer in this conversation for anyone operating an online business. Check out the show notes below to follow along with this fascinating conversation.


  • Who is Simon Severino and what is Strategy Sprints?   (1:51)
  • How do you appeal to and track down employees from across the world for your remote business?   (5:23)
  • Simon walks through how to double service revenue in 90 days   (6:32)
  • The importance of learning how to create systems and how to delegate both tasks and responsibilities   (9:12)
  • The challenge of delegating the sales process and how to do it well   (12:36)
  • Learning how to fall in love with problems and not solutions   (18:15)
  • The power of simplifying processes and taking the most direct path to get things done   (20:09)




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