The Entrepreneurs Mindset During Volatile Times

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The Entrepreneurs Mindset During Volatile Times

Today we’re discussing business under volatile market conditions. More specifically about the current roller-coaster conditions with Coronavirus, the 2020 Presidential election, the #BLM movement, and more. 

Clients’ needs are changing faster than the news headlines right now. Try to keep up! 

We talk about how to prepare for hard times, how to approach problems that are out of your control, and how to be proactive about such problems clients. 

News is coming fast and hard lately so it’s more important than ever to keep an ear to the ground and pay attention to changing trends both in the broad social sphere and in the technical aspects of marketing platforms.

Some of the big takeaways of this episode are here: 

  1. People need honest, proactive answers
  2. Address potential problems in advance
  3. Keep in mind the nature of a person’s overall newsfeed, not just your ads

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