Driving Business in A Digital Era with Jonathan Kiekbusch

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Driving Business in A Digital Era with Jonathan Kiekbusch

Johnathan has built more businesses than most people work for in their lives. From a physical security operation to digital marketing and content writing services company, he brings a wealth of expertise.

What’s most valuable is hearing the reasons why he started each business and why, such as in the case of the security business, he moved on. 

Rather than pushing his agenda on the market and making people want what he had to offer, he identified something that the market is lacking so he could fulfill it. 

Often times it was as simple as asking people on a Facebook forum.

Not only are these stories funny, but they’re useful. 

Today, Jon has built a large international team and he’s been building businesses for over 10 years now.

Some of the biggest takeaways from this episode are here: 

  1. Jon’s philosophy of building a customer base and reputation before using any capital
  2. When you start something with a partner, get the paperwork set up at the beginning
  3. Spending money on a good dev company will be less expensive in the long run
  4. “Get told no a hundred times and then adjust your message until someone says yes.”

Be sure to follow Jonathan online at i2w.ukLinkedInFacebook, and SeoButler.com.

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