Driving Business in A Digital Era with Jonathan Kiekbusch (#41)

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Driving Business in A Digital Era with Jonathan Kiekbusch (#41)

To me, the natural way to look at business is to see it as problem solving. What problem in the world are you trying to solve? What is the pain point that everybody is talking about.”   Jonathan Kiekbusch

Jonathan has built more businesses than most people work for in their lives. From a physical security operation to digital marketing and content writing services company, he brings a wealth of expertise to the podcast today.

What’s most valuable in this episode is hearing the reasons why Jonathan started each business and why there were moments when he had to move on too. 

Jonathan defines business / entrepreneurship as being about problem solving. Rather than pushing his agenda on the market and making people want what he had to offer, he identified something that the market was lacking so he could fulfill it. 

Today, Jonathan has been in the business world for over 10 years and has built teams that spread all over the world.

Tune into this episode for some great insights on business from Jonathan Kiekbusch. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Jonathan’s start in the entrepreneurial space   (0:55)
  • The realities and challenges of getting started today as an entrepreneur   (7:19)
  • How to develop a solid customer base using “social currency” and no capital  (8:37)
  • Business is about solving problems; not just doing what you love to do   (14:40)
  • How to identify problems that need to be solved in the marketplace   (17:05)
  • The day to day routine of an entrepreneur running multiple businesses   (21:27)
  • The most challenging aspects of running a business today   (26:16)




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