Productize Services to Maximize Revenue and Reduce Workload with Tyler Gillespie (#40)

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Productize Services to Maximize Revenue and Reduce Workload with Tyler Gillespie (#40)

Like many of us, Tyler Gillespie was hooked once he discovered the joy of remote work that he could do online.

Upon this discovery, Tyler dove in headfirst and moved to Costa Rica where he sold vacation rentals online (while he lived in one himself). This officially kicked off working while traveling abroad.

Since working inside the rental industry didn’t end up being his favorite line of work, Tyler shifted into freelance work. From there he was able to find clients, outsource work and eventually build a proper team that became his marketing agency called Gingerbread Marketing.

The company was able to standardize and automate systems within a particular niche to the point where it could eventually productize. This allowed Tyler to work very few hours since the business essentially ran itself.

This is what makes a business sellable and that’s exactly what Tyler did!

Tyler runs through his experience with all of this in this episode. Check out the show notes below to follow along with this fascinating conversation.


  • How Tyler got started in the online business world   (3:02)
  • The journey from freelancer to running an agency to selling and then consulting   (9:10)
  • How to flip service-based businesses into a sellable asset   (13:42)
  • Developing recurring revenue streams before making the decision to sell    (17:08)
  • The logistics of actually selling an online business   (22:10)
  • The future of productized services   (26:11)




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