Storytelling Marketing: Selling With Your Story (#39)

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Storytelling Marketing: Selling With Your Story (#39)

If you’re a total amateur, you’re talking about the features of your product. If you’re better at marketing, you’re selling the benefits. But if you are a great marketer, you’re playing to the identity of the people you are serving.”  Brice Gump

Brice made $50,000 last month in ad sales with relatively little effort content wise (simple truth statement, problem / solution, results / proof).

In episode 39 🎧, Mike and Brice lay out a storytelling marketing plan that anyone can use. They talk about the story aspect of products / customer decisions. Businesses and marketers who laser-in on this will have the best chance of surviving growing restrictions enforced by popular platforms like Facebook – and the growing cynicism and sophistication of digital consumers.

As for storytelling marketing examples: how much is Dollar Beard Club worth, I hear you ask? Parodying their Dollar Shave Club counterpart who became worth a billion dollars – DBC earned rapid success with ONE commercial on YouTube all about what guys with bristly beards do. As a result, they made a million dollars in the first few months selling oils (NO F***ING RAZORS!).

It was an identity play (which we discuss and explore in this episode). Moral of the story: know what your audience is doing. Your actual product can be a simple end CTA mention – like an afterthought.

In this episode, Mike and Brice answer the following questions:

  • Storytelling for small business all the way to Forbes worthy (with storytelling business examples). 
  • How old-school copywriting tricks — think Gary Halbert direct marketing secrets — while still impactful, are LESS useful
  • Get the fastest Breakthrough Advertising review (Eugene Schwartz) you’ve seen.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • How can storytelling marketing be used in business for marketing mastery; getting more customers and selling your products. (0:42)
  • ‘Dollar Beard Club’ story: a million made with a single ad. (2:04)
  • Why your business needs a story: ROI risks of direct response during the pandemic vs. storytelling. (3:16)
  • Why are businesses afraid of storytelling? Simple how-to, hero’s journey, Lord of the Rings. (4:44)
  • Your customer is the hero of their own journey — you’re there to transport. (7:31)
  • HOOK, STORY, OFFER concept: recent very successful example from Brice. (9:11)
  • Mike’s case study: Forbes list client’s stunning self-revelation. (11:17)
  • We are in a unique time for marketing; scarcity-based sales funnels marketing is too unsophisticated today to win in the long-run. (13:27).
  • Applying storytelling to the whole business — emails, landing pages, organic content, team vision. The challenges of convincing your team to use this strategy and reworking old processes. (15:55)
  • Brice / Mike story challenge, LISTENER OFFER and storytelling processes — the SIMPLEST approach! (17:38)



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