How to Monetize Using Affiliate Marketing with Larry Ludwig

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How to Monetize Using Affiliate Marketing with Larry Ludwig

Larry Ludwig is a marketing pro with an impressive track record. He’s built websites for companies like GM, Comedy Central, JPMorgan, Chase, and LensCrafters, just to name a few.

Now he consults with business owners and bloggers helping them to get higher quality traffic and optimize ways of monetizing it.

He explains (quite convincingly) why “every business should do affiliate marketing at some level,” and goes into the details on how he thinks about setup, tracking, and optimization.

Larry’s been building websites and helping businesses since 1994 and his accrued expertise is clear.

From SEO to tracking and even finding partners to do business with, I think you’ll find value here as he takes us through the wondrous world of affiliate marketing.

Some of the key takeaways from this episode are:

  1. Affiliate marketing is easy to sell since the business you’re selling to only has to pay when they make money
  2. The quality of traffic (or intent of visitors) is important and is rewarded by Google’s algorithms
  3. You can make money simply by recommending products that compliment your own
  4. If the offer you’re presenting matches your audience you will find much more success in affiliate marketing

Be sure to follow Larry online at, LinkedIn, Facebook, and @lludwig on Twitter. You can even text “larrypodcast” to 31996 for seven tips to avoid in affiliate marketing.

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