How to Monetize Websites Using Affiliate Marketing with Larry Ludwig (#38)

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How to Monetize Websites Using Affiliate Marketing with Larry Ludwig (#38)

You should be measuring the success or failure of your marketing campaigns. Most people don’t typically track the level of detail needed to determine what is effective. Not all traffic is equal.”  Larry Ludwig

Larry Ludwig is an affiliate marketing pro with a very impressive track record! 

Over the years, he has built websites for General Motors, Comedy Central, JP Morgan, Chase and LensCrafters just to name a few.

Through the process of building websites and spending a lot of time figuring out SEO, Larry eventually figured out how to monetize websites using affiliate marketing. 

At this point, he would go as far as saying EVERY business should do affiliate marketing to some degree.

In this episode, Larry chats with Mike and Brice about what affiliate marketing is, how to make money using it and the importance of affiliate marketing offers matching your audience.

Larry’s expertise has led him to consult for business owners and bloggers to this day to help them get higher traffic to their sites that generates income. 

Tune into this fascinating conversation and learn all you need to know about how to monetize websites using affiliate marketing. 

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Who is Larry and how did he get into the online business world?   (0:50)
  • Using SEO to grow online business platform   (3:17)
  • Larry’s first application of affiliate marketing in online business   (4:44)
  • Where affiliate marketing brought Larry to this day   (6:41)
  • How to get into affiliate marketing   (9:22)
  • The importance of matching affiliate ads to the similar website content   (13:25)
  • Larry’s current business model and who he’s trying to serve   (16:31)
  • Leveraging the analytics of affiliate marketing to increase conversions   (17:45)




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