Platform Agnostic Marketing (#36)

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Platform Agnostic Marketing (#36)

There’s always going to be brands that need to get connected with customers and if you understand how to do that at a deep level, you’re always going to be able to add value.”  Brice Gump

Despite being heavy into Google and Facebook ads, Brice and Mike break down their approach to Platform Agnostic Marketing.

Platform Agnostic Marketing is the idea that we can be over-reliant on technology in our marketing efforts. 

Being agnostic toward platforms simply means returning to the fundamentals of marketing and really understanding who your audience is before you sell to them.

In this episode, Brice and Mike discuss the psychology behind marketing, knowing the angle of hooks and offers, and how to overcome the temptation to take the easy way out with button-pushing.

In the end, your marketing platform is simply a vehicle to get your message to people. Putting in the hard work of understanding your audience first makes driving your marketing platform so much easier.

Check out the show notes below to follow along with these valuable insights.


  • Identifying where your audience is and avoiding the “technology-first” mentality   (1:26))
  • The best place to get started with learning the fundamentals of marketing   (6:31)
  • Identifying your hooks and offers and the psychology triggers behind them   (10:22)
  • The importance of informative data before crafting a solid message    (15:25)
  • The marketing field is not going anywhere if you’re looking for job security   (18:09)



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