Platform Agnostic Marketing

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Platform Agnostic Marketing

Brice & Mike break down their approach to platform-agnostic marketing, despite being heavy Google & Facebook advertisers themselves.

They explain that “the platform” is a vehicle to get your message to people so that it reaches the correct audience in as simple a version as possible.

The value here is in an advertiser’s ability to convert money into customers through marketing techniques and human psychology. Knowing how to find an audience and speak to them effectively will continue serving you for years to come, regardless of what platform you’re advertising on.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  1. Learning marketing fundamentally as well as the psychology behind it and the audience you’re targeting will help expand your message across platforms
  2. Marketing is one profession you can expect to see persist in the future
  3. What is your hook/offer/angle for each ad? Understand the psychology triggers that your ad is aiming to touch on
  4. Most of your work should be audience/market research, not on button-pushing
  5. Start from a place of understanding your customer and build your entire structure around a deep awareness of their needs.

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