Never Check Your Email Again with InboxDone (#35)

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Never Check Your Email Again with InboxDone (#35)

It’s been fascinating to see just how much the inbox is really a pain point for everybody!” Claire Giovino

You may have noticed that checking your email throughout the day is a surefire way to disrupt deep focus and divide your attention. On top of that, how often are emails frequently of the reactive, low-value nature?

Claire Giovino has built a unique solution to this problem and named it InboxDone.

With InboxDone, you get a dedicated inbox manager who acts as your personal email secretary. Claire’s team of inbox managers currently manage 3000+ emails a day and on average give back 13 hours back to most business owners!

In this episode, Claire walks through her business lifecycle as she went from managing inboxes herself to hiring a team around the world to replicate the process. She also paints a picture of how having a well-managed inbox can save time, money and sanity.

Be sure to check out this fascinating conversation about efficiency for your business. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Who is Claire Giovino and what is InboxDone?   (1:33)
  • The value of 24/7 around the globe service to your customers   (3:40)
  • How does InboxDone actually work?   (5:08)
  • Primary industries InboxDone works within   (7:28)
  • How running a business is a path for personal and professional growth   (8:55)
  • Assessing how hands off your customers want to be with your service   (15:01)




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