Growing, Selling & Investing in Online Businesses with Dominic Wells (#34)

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Growing, Selling & Investing in Online Businesses with Dominic Wells (#34)

We massively overestimate what we can achieve in a year and we massively underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years.”  Dominic Wells

Dominic Wells is a Content Website Investor. Content website investing is all about investing in online businesses and leveraging the growth so many websites experience.

After years of teaching English in Taiwan, Dominic realized that he did not want to leave the country, but also did not want to teach English forever. He decided to try his hand at making money online through affiliate marketing websites.

Dominic quickly realized that the industry was selling a sub-par product and needed something better. Those websites led to his first real business: Human Proof Designs. This company built high quality, done-for-you affiliate sites.

After he started helping people with their starter sites, he opened up more services and built a team of more than 300 contractors to help people with a wide variety of online business needs.

Then he started his current company Onfolio.

Onfolio helps people buy a business, or a portfolio of businesses, as an investment. They then run the business for you, benefiting from the growth of each one that you own. Sort of like investing in online real estate, except your “house” in this case is a company.

Check out this fascinating conversation to learn more about investing in online businesses by means of website investment. Follow along with the show notes below.


  • Introduction to Dominic and how he got into buying and selling businesses   (0:47)
  • The fascinating process of investing in domains   (10:19)
  • How the team at Onfolio works and how they manage website investors   (16:48)
  • Selling of businesses after purchasing and growing it   (25:15)
  • The challenges of running online business   (28:58)




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