Ninja Level Entrepreneurship with Mike Michalowicz (#33)

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Ninja Level Entrepreneurship with Mike Michalowicz (#33)

You might know Mike Michalowicz from one of his books like Profit First, Clockworkor The Pumpkin Plan. These books highlight the ninja level entrepreneurship that Mike brings to the table.

Mike never dreamed of being an entrepreneur. But when he couldn’t get a good job after college he started his own business and fell in love with the process.

Before 35 he had built and sold two multimillion-dollar businesses.

But on his third business, he got too cocky and lost everything!

(except his family… thank God!)

Mike went back to the drawing board to really understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and growing a successful business.

Everything he has learned over decades of growing multiple companies has led him to becoming a best selling author creating impactful books about simple, effective processes for getting consistent results.

Today Mike spends his days running multiple businesses that help entrepreneurs find success in today’s constantly evolving environment.

Mike is truly a master of his craft and dropped a ton of wisdom in this interview for you.

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  • How Mike got started in the online business world (2:55)
  • The journey of becoming an author (6:27)
  • Shifting your mindset from “operator” to “shareholder” so you can make a more significant impact (8:24)
  • Marks of the “shareholder” mindset and how time is spent in that role (12:10)
  • Instituting the 4-Week Vacation – forcing your company to survive without you (13:40)
  • What to look for in new hires and what to avoid when building your team (18:25)
  • How to handle economic overwhelm and keep your feet on the ground (22:38)



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