Shifting Your Mindset with Joe Trodden (#32)

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Shifting Your Mindset with Joe Trodden (#32)

I would often say to my clients, “You go build that castle in the sky and I’ll put the scaffold in behind it because otherwise no one else is going to make it up there.” People need to experience mindset shifts in order to see the big picture.”  Joe Trodden

In this episode, Mike has a conversation with Joe Trodden.

After going to law school, Joe was tired of the mundane day-to-day work routine he experienced. He decided it was time for a change and that he wanted to be a part of helping other people experiencing massive change in their own lives.

Joe found the world of psychology to be a fascinating world and wanted to leverage psychology in the business world.

Today, Joe owns a company called Mindset Experts. His company works at helping leaders and employees work through mindset shifts that are needed in order to grow.

This episode includes valuable insights on tools like Myers Briggs, how to see the value of each person in the company and how to embrace change even when it’s uncomfortable.

Check out the show notes below to follow along to follow along with this insightful and helpful conversation.


  • Background info on Joe and what he does in the online business world   (2:05)
  • How people function differently and how each person has unique skills   (7:17)
  • Joe’s transition into starting Mindset Experts and leveraging the power of mindset shifts   (12:08)
  • What Joe’s day to day routine looks like running his company   (14:08)
  • How having a vision is great, but creating the steps to get there is better   (17:17)
  • How Myers Briggs fits into your business and how to leverage different personality styles   (22:00)




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Episode 32