Million Dollar Courses with Christian Martin (#31)

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Million Dollar Courses with Christian Martin (#31)

One thing I’ve learned is that business is a long term game and if you stick with something long term, it’s a lot easier to make it work.”  Christian Martin

Christian Martin is a machine when it comes to online business. After trying over 30 different business models, he finally found the one that worked for him.

Today, Christian is the owner and CEO of Digital Nomad is a multi-million dollar training company that teaches students how to gain the skills they need to work from anywhere in the world.

Christian is an incredibly smart guy and shares some great insights on how he went from bouncing between business ideas to scaling a singular focused idea to do millions in revenue.

Check out this episode to find out how Christian turned a service-based business into a product-based business. Christian talks through the importance of creating a marketing strategy that sticks with people and where the future of the information product industry might be going in the future.

All this and more in this episode. Check out the show notes to follow along.


  • How Christian got started in the online business space   (3:10)
  • The origins of Digital Nomad and what it seeks to accomplish   (4:24)
  • Turning your service into a product that you can sell   (7:38)
  • Using webinars to increase conversion rates   (10:51)
  • Getting your marketing hook to be sticky and something people WANT to talk about   (15:28)
  • The power of having a “NOT To Do List”   (19:17)
  • The current status of Digital Nomad as a company   (20:29)
  • What the future of the information product industry might look like   (25:17)




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