Buying and Selling Businesses with Jeremy Harbour (#30)

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Buying and Selling Businesses with Jeremy Harbour (#30)

The first thing entrepreneurs have to do to scale their business toward an acquisition mindset is shift from focusing on customer value to shareholder value.”  —  Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy Harbour has had an incredible career buying and selling over 50 businesses and taking a few public.

While most entrepreneurs are out there creating new start ups and running the marathon to get their business from zero to one, Jeremy figured out that he can show up for the last 10 minutes of the race, buy the business from the owner and still get the same trophy at the finish line (the big check at the end).

In this episode, Jeremy gives us some amazing insight into the world of mergers and acquisitions and how you can reposition yourself as a shareholder of a company to create real wealth without getting stuck in the day-to-day operations of running a business.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Jeremy’s evolution of buying and selling businesses (2:45)
  • How to shift from a “customer value” mindset to a “shareholder value” mindset (7:50)
  • Knowing how to profile businesses and implement acquisition strategies (12:40)
  • Harbour Club acquisition success story (17:51)
  • How to get started in the merger and acquisition world (22:10)
  • How mergers and acquisitions can work in the online business world (26:22)




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