Organic Social Media Marketing with Kayla Perlstein (#29)

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Organic Social Media Marketing with Kayla Perlstein (#29)

It’s funny how general marketing principles and the psychology underneath all of those principles apply to every business and every industry regardless of what vertical they’re in.” Mike Sebastian

On this podcast, you hear a lot about paid advertising but not as much about the organic side of social media.

That all changes today as Mike chats with Kayla Perlstein from Goldenbird Marketing. Her bread and butter is Organic Social Media Marketing.

Kayla got her start in the online marketing world doing some freelancing through connections made at a local gym in LA. Soon after that, she landed an account with Papa Johns and some other big names.

In this episode, Mike and Kayla chat about the journey from freelancing to business owner. They discuss the mental shift required when it comes to running a business, the dynamics of working from home as well as how to keep up with social media trends

Kayla also chats about her new company that just launched – Glazed Skincare.

Lots of helpful content in this episode. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Introduction to who Kayla is and how she got into the online marketing space   (1:39)
  • The dynamics of working from home and the challenges that come with it   (7:22)
  • The mental shift of working for someone else to running your own company   (10:24)
  • The importance of keeping up with social media trends   (12:01)
  • Kayla’s daily routine as a business owner and as a social media manager   (14:06)
  • Advice for new companies who are getting started with organic social media   (18:41)
  • How content is king, but why aesthetics and quality still really matters (23:27)
  • The launch of Glazed Skincare and the challenges of service based vs product based business   (25:33)




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