Coronavirus & What It Means For Online Business (#28)

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Coronavirus & What It Means For Online Business (#28)

We want to make sure that we’re staying on top of the conversation that customers are already having in order to keep pace with how business might be changing in this season.”  Brice Gump


Are you sick of hearing about it yet? 

We are. And yet, it unfortunately sounds like it’s going to be around for a little while.

Brice and Mike believe that anytime there is chaos in the world, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

This opportunity is not the slimy, price gouging efforts that some people are making. Instead, opportunity should be centered around the change that people are going through in their lives with remote work and what their needs are in setting all of this up.

In this episode, you’ll hear about which businesses in the advertising space are taking the biggest hit. You’ll also hear about how important communication is in the midst of change and how to maximize goodwill toward current and potential clients.

It’s hard to predict how long this situation will last, but Brice and Mike are in for the long haul and hope you are too. Coronavirus doesn’t have to take your online business down!

Check out the show notes below to follow along with this timely and helpful episode.


  • The effect of the coronavirus on the online business world and seeing this as an opportunity for something new   (1:27)
  • How “live event” clients are taking the biggest hit in this season   (3:32)
  • The importance of good communication when things are changing  (7:07)
  • How to maximize goodwill toward current and future clients when people are overwhelmed   (8:29)
  • Predictions around how the workplace will change as a result of the coronavirus   (10:51)
  • How to change business offers to reflect the economic times people are facing   (13:58)



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