Creating and Selling an Amazon FBA Business with Leon Hendrix (#27)

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Creating and Selling an Amazon FBA Business with Leon Hendrix (#27)

If you’re trying to get started with an online business and you find yourself isolated from other people, you’re playing to a disadvantage. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people is a total game changer.”  Brice Gump

Leon Hendrix is an entrepreneur from Germany who was able to build and sell an Amazon FBA business.

His interest was in online business piqued when he discovered the freedom that can come with that environment. The success of his first venture in the online business world with his Amazon FBA did not disappoint!

In this episode, Brice chats with Leon about what it takes to get into the Amazon FBA business. They also discuss the importance of really knowing your business numbers and how devastating it can be to miscalculate. 

Finally, Brice and Leon chat about how running an online business is a great platform for personal development and how important having community around you is while you do that.

Following this episode, be sure to check out Leon’s hilarious YouTube channel

Enjoy this insightful episode and check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • How Leon got started in the online business world   (3:10)
  • How Leon decided Amazon FBA was the way to go and how he got started   (6:16)
  • The importance of knowing business numbers when starting an online business   (9:03)
  • Growing from mentors or coachings, but knowing how to spot fake offerings   (11:16)
  • Where Leon is heading next with wanting to connect entrepreneurs to each other   (14:45)
  • The personality development that comes with working in the online business world   (18:27)
  • The power of relationships when you’re starting a business  (22:35)




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