Building A 6-Figure Talent Agency with Kelly Glover (#26)

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Building A 6-Figure Talent Agency with Kelly Glover (#26)

The way I rationalize things in my mind is by asking, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ So often it’s not as bad as it could be and every opportunity gives you something to learn.”  Kelly Glover

Kelly Glover is a high-energy entrepreneur who started building her own talent booking agency with one client and a great work ethic.

Since then, she started a remote-company booking talent for podcasts and now has clients all across the world.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Kelly had the courage to start building her own talent booking agency after years of building 6-figure podcasts for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Kelly chats about management and how to create buy-in with your team. She discusses the challenges of working remotely and how to leverage technology to make things work. 

Finally, Kelly gives some great insights on how “scaling” is not for everyone and how the entrepreneurial journey is never really over.

So much energy and fascinating content in this episode! Check out the show notes to follow along with this conversation.


  • Introduction to Kelly and how she got started with Talent Squad   (1:33)
  • The thought process Kelly had when leaving her 9-5 job to start Talent Squad   (5:55)
  • The growth pattern of Talent Squad and some ‘aha’ moments along the way   (10:03)
  • Structuring and managing a remote team of people who buy into the business   (12:08)
  • The issue of scaling and how it’s not for everyone   (17:21)
  • The importance of technology when managing a remote team   (19:38)
  • Managing misconceptions about “arriving” in business   (22:41)
  • Advice for people starting on the entrepreneurial journey   (25:29)




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