How Ecommerce Saved the Patagonia of Period Products, Lunapads (#24)

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How Ecommerce Saved the Patagonia of Period Products, Lunapads (#24)

NOTE: The Lunapads name has changed to Period Aisle, but the company is the same. 

Today we interviewed Suzanne Siemens, the co-founder of Lunapads.

Suzanne is a trained CPA and graduate from the Sauder School of Business.

In 2000, Suzanne left her corporate career to join forces with Madeleine Shaw to co-found Lunapads. Lunapads is a socially innovative company that specializes in manufacturing healthy and sustainable alternatives to disposable feminine hygiene products.

Lunapads was founded at the same time the Internet began to take off. She was not able to simply “Google it” when she came across questions about her business like all of us can do today.

As the Internet grew in popularity, it saved her company. Selling B2C on the Internet became much more profitable than selling B2B to retailers.

Today Lunapads is a global ecommerce company, supporting people across the world that has a wealth of knowledge from their 20-year business history.

Suzanne gives us so much knowledge, it’s hard to pick it all up at one time. You will for sure leave with a better understanding of business and how to sustain & adapt to an ever-changing world.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • The story of Lundapads   (1:46)
  • Suzanne’s background and how she found herself wanting to get into business   (5:39)
  • How Suzanne’s perspective on life and business has changed in the 20 years she’s been involved in business   (9:03)
  • The shift from knocking on doors for business toward the start of e-commerce   (10:46)
  • Biggest misconceptions starting a business and biggest aha moments   (14:07)
  • The importance of listening to outlier customers that could be included in target audience   (16:56)
  • Avoiding “shame-driven” marketing and trying to be positive with your message   (19:34)
  • Paying attention to advertising channels and leveraging those tools   (21:57)
  • The challenges of claiming (and reclaiming!) space on Amazon   (23:17)
  • If you could start your business over again, what would you do differently   (25:48)




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