Selling A Service Based Business with Tommy Joiner (#23)

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Selling A Service Based Business with Tommy Joiner (#23)

If you’ve ever run or worked inside a service based business, you know what kind of madness can happen inside.

The constant work hustle of managing your business and the service you provide for clients can keep you running in circles if you don’t structure it correctly.

In today’s interview, Brice sits down to chat with Tommy Joiner. Tommy is an entrepreneur who grew his service-based business from the ground up and was eventually able to sell it. Quite an accomplishment!

This episode includes insights on how to develop recurring monthly revenue as well as a value framework that potential buyers would be looking for if you were looking to sell.

If you run a service based business or if you’ve ever thought about selling your business, this episode is full of gold nuggets.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Introduction to Tommy and how he got started with online business   (2:25)
  • Learning how to work with freelancers who can get the technical work done for you   (4:06)
  • The transition from freelance model to building recurring monthly revenue (9:39)
  • A framework for what it takes to sell a service based business based on what investors are looking for   (15:15)
  • Making your service based business as attractive to potential buyers as possible   (22:07)
  • Selling a tangible deliverable vs something that’s ROI focused   (24:06)




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