Selling A Service Based Business with Tommy Joiner

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Selling A Service Based Business with Tommy Joiner

If you have ever run or worked inside a service based business you know what kind of madness can happen inside.

The constant work hustle of managing you business the service you provide for clients can keep you running in circles if you don’t structure it correctly.

In today’s interview we got to sit down with Tommy Joiner, an entrepreneur who was able to sell his service based business (what an accomplishment!).

Tommy breaks down some of his biggest lessons on the road to selling his business like:

  1. Why it’s insanely valuable to learn how to sell first
  2. The value of recurring revenue in your business
  3. A framework for what it takes to sell a service based business based on what investors are looking for.

If you’ve ever thought about selling a business, or if you run a service based business this episode is full of gold nuggets.

Tommy is big on social media so you can connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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