Measurement Marketing with Chris Mercer (#22)

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Measurement Marketing with Chris Mercer (#22)

People think the market is coy and shy and that it’s always trying to make you guess what it wants, but in reality, it is NOT! The market is the exact opposite every time. It is either giving you a high five or punching you in the face every time you offer it something!” โ€“ Chris Mercer

Chris Mercer (who goes by the last name Mercer) is one of the most sought after measurement marketing experts in the world today. 

In this episode, Mercer shares about his journey of becoming one of the top experts out there and how he learned to listen to the market and grow his business to where it is today.

Brice and Mercer explore all sorts of ideas including how to transition from a service-based business to an information-based business

Mercer also provides a framework for knowing which numbers are important for growing your business and how to get comfortable interacting with those important numbers.

Best of all, Mercer offers a sweet deal to Building It Online listeners for FREE! Be sure to check that out at the end of the episode.

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  • Mercer’s start in the online business world   (2:36)
  • How Mercer transitioned from a service-based business model to an information-based model   (11:30)
  • The power of a system of positive constraints   (14:52)
  • Product Model vs. Membership Model   (17:43)
  • A framework to understand what numbers you need to know in order to grow your business   (20:29)
  • Dissecting where your funnel breaks down and making necessary adjustments   (25:58)
  • What’s actually going on with the numbers behind your business   (28:21)
  • How to get started learning the important numbers for running your business   (30:24)




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