What to Expect When Hiring A Marketing Agency

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What to Expect When Hiring A Marketing Agency

Hiring is hard. Hiring a marketing agency is even harder.

The partnership that you form when hiring someone (or some team) to manage all of your public-facing advertisements is VERY IMPORTANT. You must make sure that the expectations you set are accurate & specific.

Brice and Mike have both worked with clients that were perfect matches, as well as those that were not. It’s much better for all parties involved to learn whether or not the partnership will be a good fit before signing an agreement together.

Some of the items we discuss in this episode are:

  1. How to find someone with experience with your specific needs so that you make the right hire
  2. Making sure you end up with the right person working on your business and not a newbie at an agency
  3. Creating a shared vision of where your agency relationship is taking your business
  4. Why it’s SO IMPORTANT that you own your data and all the work you and your agency do together
  5. Creating crystal-clear expectations to make sure your agency relationship is a smooth sailing experience
  6. What role you the business owner plays in the relationship between you and your agency

By the end of the episode you will know what to expect when hiring a agency for your business and how to make sure you find a great agency to work with (not a crappy one!)

Take what we pack into this episode and make it your own to eliminate some headaches in your future.

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